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Why select SLT to connect your Business Offices ?

Our networking services offer you various benefits based on state-of-the-art technologies such as G.SHDSL, Metro/Carrier Ethernet and IP-MPLS by leveraging on our Next Generation Network (NGN).


Metro Ethernet

The Metro Ethernet service is a state-of-the-art Ethernet network operated by SLT to deliver high-bandwidth connectivity solutions and is based on the well-known Ethernet standard of Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). The Metro Ethernet is ready to offer reliable services in the demanding arena of data communications with the ever-increasing need for enterprise connectivity.

Sites with high-bandwidth requirements can be connected with Ethernet to form their intranets. In addition, enterprises can use high-speed Ethernet to access Wide Area Network services (IP VPNs), higher speed internet as well as the SLT IDC services.

Why Metro Ethernet Service

Enterprises are in a constant need to optimize their operational and capital expenditure of communication purposes....

Ethernet VPN

Ethernet VPN is a Layer 2 VPN that allows the connection of multiple Ethernet sites in a single domain over a provider managed IP/MPLS network.

This gives the convenience and simplicity of Ethernet combined with all of the advantages of MPLS. All sites appear to be connected to a single VLAN. Since the interface is Ethernet it allows one interface type for data and voice.

Also Ethernet VPN offers higher bandwidth choice for Layer 2 multipoint services. Since many of the organizations do not want to share their IP routing information and control through Ethernet VPN it gives the feasibility of the end customer to control the IP routing information.

A well-designed Ethernet VPN can greatly benefit a company by providing:

  • No protocol conversion between LAN and WAN
  • No expertise required
  • The provider switches and the Customer routes
  • Customer maintains complete control over routing
  • Simplified addition of new sites due to no reconfiguration of existing sites for Customers

Widely used in a situation where all the customer sites are located in the Metro Ethernet service area, where the inter-branch communication requires a high bandwidth.

Ethernet Data Line

Ethernet Data Line is a point-to-point connection through the IP/MPLS network. Two locations will be connected through Ethernet link offering a high degree of transparency of data to be carried. This service shall be used to link two business locations at speed starting from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps and very much ideal for connecting your;

SLT Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS)

Metro Ethernet service offers QoS capability to enable the best possible mix of network resource optimization and performance guarantees for individual application requirements. SLT offers 3 main Classes of Services as Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Remote VPN client configuration for Windows

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