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Networking Services

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Why select SLT to connect your Business Offices ?

Our networking services offer you various benefits based on state-of-the-art technologies such as G.SHDSL, Metro/Carrier Ethernet and IP-MPLS by leveraging on our Next Generation Network (NGN).


Business Internet Line

Sri Lanka Telecom has the largest internet backbone as shown below with multiple accesses to the Global Internet.

  • Why SLT Business Internet Line
  • High performance connectivity to the Internet through multiple Tier 01 Global Internet Service Provider Networks
  • Reliable access through Fiber Ring Architecture for high speed Internet Services
  • Diversified Internet backbone connectivity through multiple submarine cable systems such as SEA-ME-WE 3,4,5 and Bharat-Lanka
  • Geographical coverage by connecting to major POPs in North America, Europe, Far East Asia, South Asia and India
Remote VPN client configuration for Windows

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