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We provide premium quality voice services through our state-of-the-art Next Generation Network (NGN) infrastructure, which is built upon optical fibre transmission network. With our unmatched wired access network comprising both copper and fibre cables, we assure you of the highest quality and most reliable voice services for our enterprise customers.

You can choose the most suitable servoce to suit your needs based on,

  • Traffic volume generated
  • Value Added Services required

Enterprise Voice products

Trunking Services

Business Trunking

This service offers connectivity to intelligent customer end devices such as IP PABXs, IP Phones, PBXs and KTS. We offer you the following Business Trunks to suit the voice traffic flowing from and to your enterprises.

  • SIP Trunks
    If you want to make full use of your installed IP-PBXs and communicate over the IP not only within the enterprise, but also outside the enterprise, the SLT SIP trunk service is for you. It is connected to our modern NGN network and allows you to replace your traditional Voice E1 and PSTN connections via the SIP trunking service.
  • E1 Trunks
    This offers bulk voice connectivity to your enterprise through Voice E1 connections in both R2 and PRI. SLT provides 30 digital channels of E1 voice connections from its islandwide PSTN and NGN network which enables enterprises to experience better voice quality and high call completion with Direct Inward Outward Dialing (DIOD) facility and CLI.
  • Business Extensions
    This service provides Centrex feature connectivity to simple end devices such as analog phones or IP phones with extension dialling facility among connections within the same user group.

Business IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service enables enterprises to offer voice telephony audio messages in both live and recorded formats, to their customers. Enterprises may use premium rate numbers with the approval of the Regulatory Commission to generate additional revenues for their business. SLT routes the calls to the IVR server and once the calls reach the particular IVR server, specific messages will be played and the responses will be taken from users through DTMF.

  • V-Vote IVR
    V-Vote IVR solution can handle a high volume of phone calls facilitating customers to create online polls and enable real time voting by the audience over the PSTN or CDMA phone during reality shows.

Business Hotline

This service is often referred to as Hotline service, or Toll Free service and allows your customers to call you free of charge. Toll Free numbers are a proven way of increasing sales by letting customers call-in orders for free. This service enables enterprises to enhance their Call Centre and Contact Centre services through increased customer contact / responses, since the calls are free to your customers. The Business Hotline service can be delivered to your enterprise through any of the above business trunking services.

Charges for above service maybe based on,

  • The amount of usage the telephone number experiences
  • A monthly flat rate per channel.
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