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10th South Asian Games - Empowering Sri Lankan Sports (2006)

The Company was honoured to be the Principal Sponsor of this event held in August 2006. SLT's sponsorship of Rs. 50 million is a confirmation of its commitment to develop and strengthen relationships through sports with the sportsmen and women in and around the region. The Games were the biggest multi-sporting event to take place in the country since the first South Asian Games in 1991.

SLT believes that this relationship of merging business and sport is not just about money. At the core of this partnership are complementary values and a uniqueness that drive each other to their absolute best. This was an exciting example of how sport and business can work together and where joint interests can be realised through partnerships such as this. In addition, mutual benefits are created as each partner strives to be the best in their respective competitive environments.

As principal sponsor, SLT contributed telecommunications and ICT services to help stage the Games. SLT technology was used by organisers and the media to record and collate pre-and post-games results from eight different venues in real-time which would then make it possible for journalists and other media to beam the results worldwide on a 24-hour basis.

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