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High-Q Quiz Programme for Schoolchildren (2005)

SLT, in collaboration with the Association of Chartered Certificate Accountants (ACCA), will shortly introduce a quiz programme for schoolchildren in Sri Lanka. The 'High-Q' quiz will be the first of its kind in the country. Its purpose is to recognise general IQ among schoolchildren. The quiz, coordinated by the ACCA, is fully approved by the Ministry of Education.

High-Q is inspired by research indicating that many intelligent children go unnoticed and unrewarded, largely due to the emphasis on examination performance and the acquisition of educational qualifications at the expense of real education. The quiz is open to all schoolchildren aged between 12 and 20, who must apply through their respective institutions. Every school is encouraged to enter two current students.

The competition will be conducted at three levels and will be aired weekly on Sri Lankan Television for a season of 15 programmes. Quiz topics include the sciences, cultural heritage, the performing arts and IT.

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