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SLT’s Broadband network connects schools island wide through SchoolNet (2008)

Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is proud to announce that it is the infrastructure and service provider for SchoolNet, a new online educational system, which will improve efficiency and increase academic achievement within public schools across the nation. Part of the Secondary Education Modernization Project under the Ministry of Education, the initiative is set to revolutionize the way school administrators operate, the way teachers teach, the way parents are involved as well as the way in which children learn. SchoolNet allows teachers and students from schools throughout the nation to access reference material, tutorials, emails and other educational programmes over the Internet. In addition, for the first time teachers will be able to access several lesson plans on their computers. 

SLT’s IPVPN solution will connect schools island-wide to one unified network, which is SchoolNet, through the provision of multiple products such as voice, video, broadband Internet, network services and hosting services. A total of 1100 schools are to be connected under the first phase of the project, with 5000 schools to be connected to the network by 2010. SLT’s IPVPN would allow all schools island wide to have access to a centralized IT network at any given time, which will enable them to communicate with Network Operations Centre (NOC), located at the University of Moratuwa. The planned network can carry Internet Protocol (IP) traffic – voice, video, mission critical and standard class data facilitating island wide schools with seamless connectivity. It is a secured and fully managed network.

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