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Fixed Telephony
SLT owns the Sri Lanka’s first ever Optical Fibre Inter Province Transmission Ring in Colombo and Central regions. Optical fibre rings significantly strengthen the SLT backbone transmission network and provide a high degree of reliability.

SLT continues to lead the field in the telecommunications industry in this country. Approximately 88% of the 900,000 odd fixed line subscribers in this country were using SLT at the end of 2003.

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  Mobile Telephony
The logo reflects the Mobitel brand and its new aspirations. White for purity and integrity, blue for strength and commitment and green for prosperity and energy. The stand alone big ‘M’ reflects the power of the mobile operator.

Mobitel currently has over 200,000 active subscribers a 19% slice of the mobile market. Subsequent to= the launch of the GSM network in January 2004 Mobitel rapidly acquired new customers and effectively doubled its active customer base.

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  Data & IP
SLT-iDC is a novel approach pioneered by SLT, which provide solutions to corporate customers to store and maintain their business systems, applications and data while guaranteeing the highest levels of confidentiality. Telecom City, launched in early 2004, is pioneering initiative that seeks to make the best use of communications and information technology. The primary function of Telecom City will be to provide a hub for state-of-the-art call centres.

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SLT provides simple dialup, dedicated to broadband Internet services through its Internet Service Provider (ISP) SLTNet. The Wi-Fi Internet Zone at the Bandaranaike International Airport enables both the business and the leisure traveller to keep in touch with office and home, and to surf the net for information and entertainment while waiting to board their aircraft.

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Passport Card was launched to offer consumers a unique international calling package. Its impact exceeded all expectations. The element of success is the high voice quality that the product offers. The Sigiri Calling Card allows consumers in many parts of the world to call Sri Lanka at rates that are among the lowest in those countries. The Card now accounts for nearly 35% of the international voice traffic into Sri Lanka on the SLT network

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