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Our Internet customer base has been growing since it was launched in 1996.
Growing like no other
Internet is an extremely valuable tool for both individuals and businesses to access and share the global resource of information in a cost effective manner. SLTNet, the largest Internet service provider in Sri Lanka caters for the entire community in the island, residential or corporate, irrespective of the needs by offering the best packages to suit each individual's need.

SLT provides simple dial-up, dedicated to broadband Internet services through its Internet Service Provider (ISP) SLTNet. SLT has points- of- presence (POPs) across the country and this allows our subscribers to access the Internet for the cost of a local call through a single number (150) . SLT’s unmatched backbone bandwidth of 90 Mbps is of superior quality.

SLT currently offers Internet leased lines at 64 kbps, 512 kbps and 2 Mbps, mail server services, web and Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting are other value added products for business customers. SLT also provides Internet services to most of the other Internet Service Providers (ISP).

Our Internet customer base has been growing since it was launched in 1996. In 2000 our service was re-launched as SLTNet in pursuing a strategy based on competitive pricing, quality of service and access speed. As part of the re launch, rates were lowered and a help desk was established. At the end of 2003 SLT had 44,731 Internet dial-up customers which represent over 50% of the market.

SLT launched a Internet prepaid card to tap the unsubscribed dial-up market. The Internet Prepaid Card is a prepaid calling card that lets the user to surf the Internet 24 hours a day with comfort of flat rates per minute while avoiding the many hassles in application, activation and monthly billings. It is ideal for travellers and those who want to have a feel of service/quality before takingup a permanent account. Prepaid card has had an extremely good response and at the end of 2003 over 100,000 cards were sold.

High Speed SLT Broadband launched
An Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SLT Broadband) service was launched in July 2003. In just five and a half months our customer base has reached 2,800.

SLT Broadband has boomed because of the huge benefits it offers to customers. SLT Broadband offers speeds of 512 kbps and 2 Mbps, a giant leap from the ISDN speeds of 128 kbps. The ‘always on’ connection allows business and home users to be constantly in contact with customers, suppliers, friends and family. Access to the Internet, phone and fax are provided on the same line and therefore increases the productivity. In addition un-metered Internet access makes budgeting easier. Customers do not pay additional telephone charges but only a monthly rental.

Adding more Value Added Services

Internet customers are now provided with an E fax service enabling them to direct their mails to fax. Internet Roaming was introduced in 2000 and this created an interest particularly among those customers who travel frequently. It enable them to use their Internet account while travelling. The Roaming Service is now available in 150 countries through 15,000 ISP POPs. Web Hosting, Domain Name Server (DNS) Hosting and Top Level Domain Name Registrations are some of the other services our customers have access to.

SLT has been progressively increasing its value added Internet services. SLT has also been winning over major broadcasters for web-casting services (video streaming) as a result of the superior quality it has been able to offer over other competitors. This includes on-line and on-demand video with rate adaptation based on an access mechanism.

Wi-Fi Zone launched at BIA

In October 2003 SLT launched a Wi-Fi Internet Zone at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). The Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Internet Zone, popularly known as the Wi-Fi Hotspot, is a wireless high speed broadband network that caters to travellers using BIA.

It enables those with a laptop (with a Wi-Fi enabled PC card) or a hand held device (with a Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) adapter) to access the Internet and surf the web at speeds of up to 11 Mbps. It is easy to access and does not require a waiting period. The Wi-Fi Hotspot can be accessed with a SLT prepaid Internet Card which is sold at a number of shops in the BIA airport.

The Wi-Fi Internet Zone enables both the business traveller and the leisure traveller to keep in touch with office and home, and to surf the net for information and entertainment while waiting to board their aircraft. SLT plans to introduce Wi-Fi zones at other public places including hotels and shops.

Internet Rates Revised
In a bid to make the ‘net’ more accessible, SLT revised its Internet tariff structure in 2003. It did this by increasing the call unit duration for SLTNet internet access on ‘150’. During peak hours the seconds per call unit will be 120 and during the economy hours the seconds per call unit will be 360. The discounted time is 540 seconds per unit. The recent tariff rebalance exercise helped this.

Expanding and Strengthening Our Network
Expanding our access network, core network and Border Gateway is essential to improve the performance and reliability of all Internet related services. Our network components are monitored on a 24 hour basis by the Network Operations Centre (NOC). We will constantly strengthen our security by strengthening and restructuring our network architecture. SLT’s IP Backbone will also be strengthened. SLT’s network is currently connected to Global Tier - 1 uplink providers UUNET and NTT/ Verio at a capacity of 45 Mbps each. We hope to upgrade this capacity in the next phase to 155 Mbps.
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