Sri Lanka Telecom has truly come of age. We are the pioneer telecommunications service provider to Sri Lanka. Over time, we’ve built up our technological base to one of clear supremacy as Sri Lanka’s only fully integrated telecommunications service provider.

SLT has been voted Sri Lanka’s No.1 Corporate entity in 2004, by LMD,
and Sri Lanka’s No.1 Company in terms of networth, by Dun and Bradstreet.
This year, in keeping with our vision, we began to “look outwards”; to explore the diversity of opportunity that lay before us in the international telecommunications world; to set our sights on establishing SLT as a premier regional telecommunications operator.

Within the pages of this report you will find an account of the direction in which this freshly charted course is taking us; to greater global connectivity through several strategic partnerships as well as the starting up of several international services; to an enhanced capacity to seize opportunities that lie along this course, through the ongoing introduction of ever evolving state-of-the-art technology.

The excitement has not left the world of telecommunications. Indeed, it is continuing to drive our passion to excel. It is causing us to pause and reflect on whether “telecommunications” as a nomenclature, does true justice to the direction in which this field is moving, embracing as it does technology beyond “the fixed line” concept; beyond “mobile” even.

One thing is clear. Sri Lanka Telecom has been carefully positioned along this new course with a clear intent. That of successfully and profitably grasping the opportunities that lie before us, providing an ever growing portfolio of products and services to a growing and more discerning customer base, whilst strengthening the Company and offering maximum returns to shareholders. We will accomplish all this with the greatest adherence to responsibility, transparency and good ethics.