SLT’s constantly growing network capacities, its state-of-the-art access technologies and its corporate vision present unlimited opportunities for entrepreneur, professional, farmer and other.

In these 10 years since privatisation, SLT has focussed on strengthening its internal processes, systems and human resource culture. While not ignoring the ‘external’ we have given priority to getting the ‘internal’ dimensions in place in order to lay the foundation for our next phase of growth. In these 10 years we have faced many challenges. At the same time, it has been a huge learning experience for us. The time is now ripe to build on this learning.

With the exponential growth in new communications technologies SLT’s focus over the next ten years will be on making optimum use of these technologies, opening a new world of opportunities for our broad range of customers and adding value to the country as a whole.

Our current microwave and fibre optic network provides the right ambience for the migration into a Next Generation Network (NGN). Tomorrow’s world will be one in which a single intelligent IP based network will provide a rainbow of converged services through this single platform. This platform will be complemented by island wide access technologies on copper and wireless network providing new and infinite possibilities. SLT is poised to usher in this technology rich and user friendly new world not just in Sri Lanka but in the entire South Asian region.

Sri Lanka’s strategic location will ensure that the country plays a crucial role in the unfolding of new technologies across the different regions. Already SLT’s investments in the SEA-ME-WE submarine cables and the Bharat-Lanka submarine cable, supported by satellite connectivity, have provided an unparalleled global connectivity and enhanced Sri Lanka’s competitiveness in the global market.

The challenge for the future will be a challenge of innovation: to present to the customer the unlimited opportunities that the new communications technology offers. The challenge will be to build a single platform to provide this broad spectrum of services with optimum clarity, efficiency and cost. Above all such networks should be simple and easily accessible to a wide range of consumers. SLT will leverage its investments in its existing network, its investments in NGN and its leadership role in the region to ensure that it becomes the powerhouse of communications and opens up unlimited opportunities for Sri Lanka. Its investments in its human resource capabilities will ensure the Company is geared with the marketing and customer skills to capitalise on its product and technology assets.