Supplementary Information


4G - Fourth Generation
ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ASPI - All Share Price Index
BPM - Business Process Management
BPO - Business Process Outsourcing
BPR - Business Process Re-engineering
BSS - Billing Support System
CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access
CEA - Communications Enabled Applications
CLI - Caller Line Identification
CRM - Customer Relationship Management
DC HSPA+ - Dual-Carrier High Speed Packet Access
DEL - Direct Exchange Line
E1 - E – Carrier System Level 1
EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation
EFTNS - External Fixed Telecommunications Network Services
EPF - Employees’ Provident Fund
ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
ETA - Electronic Travel Authorisation
ETF - Employees’ Trust Fund
FCR - Fault Clearance Rate
FTTB - Fibre-To-The-Building/Business
FTTC - Fibre-To-The-Curb
FTTH - Fibre-To-The-Home
FTTN - Fibre-To-The-Node
Gbps - Gigabits per second
GDP - Gross Domestic Product
GITR - Global Information Technology Report
GPS - Global Positioning System
GRI - Global Reporting Initiative
GSR - Global Symposium for Regulators
GTH - Global Telecommunications Holdings
HDTV - High Definition Television
HSPA - High Speed Packet Access
ICT - Information and Communication Technologies
ICTA - Information and Communication Technology Agency of
Sri Lanka
IDD - International Direct Dialling
IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards
IGW - International Gateway
IMS - IP Multimedia Subsystem
INED - Independent Non-Executive Director
IoT - Internet of Things
IP - Internet Protocol
IP-VPN - Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network
IPTV - Internet Protocol Television
ISP - Internet Service Provider
ITU - International Telecommunication Union
KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
LEARN - Lanka Education and Research Network
LED - Light Emitting Diode
LGN - Lanka Government Network
LTE - Long-Term Evolution
Mbps - Megabits per second
MEF - Metro Ethernet Forum
MEN - Metro Ethernet Network
MIMO - Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output
MPEG - Moving Picture Experts Group
MPLS - Multiprotocol Label Switching
MSAN - Multi-Service Access Nodes
NBN - National Backbone Network
NED - Non-Executive Director
NFC - Near Field Communication
NGN - Next Generation Network
NOC - Network Operating Centre
NRI - Network Readiness Index
OSS - Operational Support System
OTT - Over the Top
PEO TV - Personalised Entertainment Option Television
PoP - Point of Presence
PSTN - Public Switched Telephone Network
PTC - Pacific Telecommunications Council
RAS - Revenue Assurance System
SAFA - South Asian Federation of Accountants
SBN - SLT Backbone Network
SDH - Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDM - Space Division Multiplex
SEA ME WE - South East Asia-Middle East-West Europe
SLBN - Sri Lanka Telecom Broadband Network
SLFRS - Sri Lanka Accounting Standards
SLIM - Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing
SME - Small and Medium Enterprise
SMS - Short Message Service
SOA - Service Oriented Architecture
STM-1 - Synchronous Transport Module Level-1
SVOD - Subscription Video on Demand
TRCSL - Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
VDSL - Very High Bit Rate Digital Subscriber Line
VoD - Video on Demand
VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol
VPN - Virtual Private Network
WAP - Wireless Access Protocol
WiMAX - Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access