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Creating shared success

Social and Relationship Capital

Investor Capital

Investor capital forms part of the pool of funds, usually the major part, that are available for an organisation for production of goods, provision of services, or for expansion of its capacity. Investor capital may be generated from a Company’s operations or through funds invested in the Company. The Investor capital should ideally provide a cushion to be able to withstand any turbulence in the operating environment, such as the COVID-19 pandemic at the present time.

Shareholder profile

The two major shareholders of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC (SLT) as at 31 December 2020 were the Government of Sri Lanka holding a 49.50% stake through the Secretary to the Treasury, and Global Telecommunications Holdings N.V. (GTH) holding a 44.98% stake. The remaining percentage of shares are held by other shareholders and are publicly traded on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE).

Government of Sri Lanka

The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) is the primary shareholder of SLT, which offers many consumers a feeling of reassurance and confidence in the quality of our products and the level of service we offer. It also gives other shareholders a sense of security in the safety of
their investment.

Global Telecommunications Holdings N.V.

Global Telecommunications Holdings N.V. is the holding Company of Maxis, the Malaysia-based telecommunication Company. Maxis provides technical and telecommunication expertise and assistance to SLT.


SLT plays a key role in the development of the Country. In view of this, the stability and long-term viability of the Company is of great importance to stakeholders and the Country.

Fitch Ratings

Strong State Linkages: SLT’s ratings are constrained by the sovereign rating as per Fitch’s Parent and Subsidiary Rating Linkage criteria, as the state holds a majority stake in SLT directly and indirectly, and exercises significant influence on its operating and financial profiles. Fitch Ratings has affirmed Sri Lanka Telecom PLC’s (SLT) National Long-Term Rating at “AA+(Ika)”. The Outlook is Negative. We have also affirmed the National Ratings on SLT’s outstanding senior unsecured debentures at “AA+(lka)”.

Investor relations

SLT engages with its shareholders and associated parties via various channels including press releases, interim financial results, the Annual General Meeting, our website, and announcements on the CSE. SLT’s Annual Report offers comprehensive details on all relevant financial and non-financial information.

Distribution of shares

Shareholding Resident Non-resident Total
Number of
Number of
% Number of
Number of
% Number of
Number of
1 – 1,000 shares 10,037 2,948,793 0.16 12 4,447 0.00 10,049 2,953,240 0.16
1,001 – 10,000 shares 2,319 9,090,094 0.50 25 119,027 0.01 2,344 9,209,121 0.51
10,001 – 100,000 shares 235 4,949,602 0.27 7 301,334 0.02 242 5,250,936 0.29
100,001 – 1,000,000 shares 11 1,812,750 0.10 0 0 0.00 11 1,812,750 0.10
Over 1,000,000 shares 8 973,876,084 53.96 1 811,757,869 44.98 9 1,785,633,953 98.94
12,610 992,677,323 54.99 45 812,182,677 45.01 12,655 1,804,860,000 100.0

Categories of shareholders

Category Number of
Number of
Individual 12,509 16,789,486
Institutional 146 1,788,070,514
Total 12,655 1,804,860,000

List of 20 major shareholders as at 31 December 2020

Name Shareholding %
1 Secretary to the Treasury 893,405,709 49.50
2 Global Telecommunications Holdings NV 811,757,869 44.98
3 Employees’ Provident Fund 25,324,104 1.40
4 Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation – Life Fund 17,713,735 0.98
5 Bank of Ceylon A/C Ceybank Unit Trust 17,309,741 0.96
6 National Savings Bank 13,158,700 0.73
7 Employees’ Trust Fund Board 3,302,188 0.18
8 Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation – General Fund 2,041,538 0.11
9 Bank of Ceylon A/C Ceybank Century Growth Fund 1,620,369 0.09
10 Hatton National Bank PLC/Carlines Holding (Pvt) Ltd 246,301 0.01
11 The Incorporated Trustees of the Church of Ceylon 223,590 0.01
12 Bank of Ceylon No. 1 Account 214,000 0.01
13 Pinnacle Trust (Pvt) Limited 183,984 0.01
14 Ceylon Biscuits Limited 161,825 0.01
15 Sampath Bank PLC/Mr D K L Chandrasena 150,000 0.01
16 Mr Weerasinghe 140,100 0.01
17 Hatton National Bank PLC/Almas Organisation (Pvt) Ltd 134,672 0.01
18 Mr Munasinghe 130,787 0.01
19 Mr Razik 120,000 0.01
20 Sinharaja Hills Plantation (Private) Limited 107,491 0.01
TOTAL 1,787,446,703 99.04
Float adjusted Market Capitalisation as at 31 December 2020 LKR 2,891,721,106
Percentage of public holding as at 31 December 2020 4.78%
Number of shareholders representing the public holding as at 31 December 2020 12,649

The Company does not comply with the minimum public holding requirements of the Listing Rules of the CSE. However, the Board of Directors of the Company has agreed in principle to carry out a private placement in order to comply with the minimum public shareholding requirement as per CSE Rule No. 7.13.1 (a).

Ratio and market price information

Share price trend

2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Highest value (LKR) 34.80 34.50 30.00 36.70 46.40 54.90 57.30 50.00 50.00 64.50
Lowest value (LKR) 18.00 19.60 18.90 27.00 31.20 43.00 33.33 36.10 34.00 44.00
Last traded price (LKR) 33.50 31.90 23.40 28.50 36.00 47.00 49.90 37.00 44.50 48.00
Market capitalisation (LKR Bn.) 60.40 57.57 42.23 51.43 64.97 84.83 90.00 66.78 80.32 86.63

Trading activity

2020 2019 2018
Number of transactions 6,853 5,576 3,195
Number of shares traded 5,982,917 2,718,416 1,113,157
Value of shares traded (LKR) 186,345,491 76,016,539 26,852,883

Equity – Group

2020 2019 2018
Earnings per share (LKR) 4.37 3.5 2.74
Net assets per share (LKR) 46.64 43.25 40.82
Debt/Equity ratio (Number of times) 0.77 0.93 0.76
Quick asset ratio (Number of times current liabilities) 0.93 0.77 0.82
Interest cover (Earnings before interest and
taxes divided by interest expense)
1.91 1.47 1.77
Dividend pay-out ratio (%) 34.0 30.26 38.66
Dividend per share (LKR) 1.49 1.06 1.06

Debt information – Company

Interest rate of comparable government security (%) 6.98
Debt/Equity ratio (Number of times) 0.77
Interest cover (Number of times) 1.16
Quick asset ratio (Number of times current liabilities) 0.90
Market prices and yield during the year (Ex-interest)
Highest debenture price Debentures were not traded during the year 2020
Lowest price
Last traded price

Future outlook

SLT will continue to increase shareholder value by generating increased profits, achieving sustainable growth, offering attractive financial returns and strengthening governance.


Customer Capital

As the national telecommunications services provider SLT caters to a vast customer base encompassing individuals and institutions from the private and government sectors. Understanding the different needs of these diverse customer segments and delivering high quality, reliable and affordable telecommunications solutions has been instrumental in narrowing Sri Lanka’s digital divide and creating a more inclusive society with enhanced economic and quality of life opportunities.

During the year under review, SLT discharged its mandate to the fullest, by ensuring uninterrupted connectivity between the state, private sector and individuals, for economic continuity and to overcome the health and safety threats posed by COVID-19.

Customer profile

The Sri Lanka Telecom Group has 3.05 million fixed subscriptions including fixed voice, fixed broadband and PEOTV subscribers. Its services have reached more than 1.6 million households and enterprises with more than 175,000 subscriptions added during the year. Broadband customer growth was accelerated with 7% YoY growth in subscriptions. Its subsidiary Mobitel has 7.9 million subscribers.

 Sri Lanka Telecom


SLT Fibre



Revolutionising internet usage across the country whilst expanding Sri Lanka’s broadband capacity, SLT Broadband introduced FTTx technology. Packages available with download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 500 Mbps. The Company also recently introduced GIGA Fibre for the first time in Sri Lanka.

SLT 4G LTE offers 40 Mbps burst download speed with updated coverage and monthly data volumes of up to 3 TB.

SLT ADSL broadband offers speeds of up to 21 Mbps and monthly data volumes of up to 3 TB.


Loyalty Data

SLT broadband customers and overall internet customers of Sri Lanka are able to enjoy WiFi connectivity on the go via community WiFi networks. This connectivity will extend to over 23 million WiFi hotspot connections around the world. sltgo, Sri Lanka’s largest community
Wi-Fi network, allows access to unlimited data on any device, for prepaid customers. Existing broadband customers will also have access to data within the volume of their home broadband packages.

SLT broadband customers are eligible to receive free data every month depending on the customer’s lifetime with SLT and the subscribed broadband package. Loyalty data will be added to customer’s broadband account and it will continue to grow with the customer’s lifetime with SLT broadband.

Data Bundle offers

Learn and Work Online
Meet bundle

Meet data bundles are specifically designed for working from home and online working purposes. SLT Lynked, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Office 365, Zoom, Webex, Skype platforms are enabled to be used under Meet bundles. Such bundles are provided by SLT at a very concession rate.

Study Platform Data Bundle

In collaboration with leading learning management systems, SLT offers data bundles to use various study platforms at concessionary data charges. With these data bundles, SLT aims to convert classroom education into a fully online experience and make it affordable to all.

AL Kuppiya, eSiphala, Akaza LMS platforms are entitled for the study platform data bundles.

Unlimited Entertainment
PEO TV GO Unlimited Data Bundle

PEO TV GO unlimited data bundle enables customers to enjoy watching their favourite TV shows, movies, live sports, news and 48 hours of rewind TV on any device using the PEO TV GO application.

Entertainment Combo Pack

Watch an unlimited number of movies, TV shows, or listen to music on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Fire TV, PEO TV Go, Hulu, Roku TV and Spotify with SLT Broadband Unlimited Entertainment data bundle “Entertainment Combo Pack”. For the first time in Sri Lanka SLT has introduced a truly unlimited anytime data bundle to cater to varied entertainment needs.

YouTube Data Bundle

Watch the latest updates of favourite YouTube channels with peace of mind. For the first time in Sri Lanka, SLT introduced a YouTube data bundle with ultra-high definition quality playback, as a seven day recurrent data bundle at an affordable price.

Messenger Data Bundle

Connect with your loved ones and business contacts anywhere in the world with high quality video and voice calls, messages and chats at lowest data costs. SLT introduced a seven day recurrent Messenger data bundle for the benefit of SLT broadband customers.

 SLT eSports Platform

The eSports Gamer Platform is a web-based, user-intuitive portal which provides cyber athletes with exclusive access to competitive tournaments, challenges, community game servers, private game servers, eSports content and streamed feeds from some of the world’s best influencers. The portal will also deliver a fully optimised, ultra-low-latency gaming experience in Sri Lanka.

The upgraded platform revolves around four major aspects of the gamer lifestyle – play, content, community, and rewards. This offers customers unique streaming capabilities, personalised player profiles, loyalty points with many benefits and many more special features and rewards. SLT also offers special “Gaming Bundles”, comprising a next generation gamer internet solution for gamers and fans across the country. These gaming bundles give customers the opportunity to have the best gaming experience in the country at a low data cost for an ever-expanding set of games. The bundle offers anytime data quotas via Gamer Lite, Gamer Premium and Streamer Premium Gaming Bundles making this the first time in the history of eSports that gamer specific data bundles have been provided.

 SLT Storage

Powered by SLT Akaza Cloud, SLT Storage allows users to access their files on the go through the SLT Storage app, which automatically sync files and folders to their desktop, and backup their Android phone contacts and messages. SLT Storage offers a built-in search engine and the lowest storage prices in the market.

 SLT Smart Home

SLT Smart Home solutions are designed to allow homeowners to control the lighting, climate, entertainment systems, appliances, devices, power, sensors, curtains, home security systems, and many more devices in their homes through a central hub, with a user interface available on their phones, tablets, desktop computers, or a web interface accessible off-site via the internet. SLT Smart Home solutions are suitable for owners and tenants of luxury apartments, large scale industry builders, and engineering and architectural communities in the country.


Pay with SLT

SLT Kimaki

SLT CCTV is a camera surveillance domestic security solution that enables customers to remotely monitor their premises through a web portal of mobile app. SLT also provides cloud storage for the footage through the SLT Akaza cloud storage platform, reducing the requirement for storage and other hardware at the customer premises.

Recognising that online transactions continue to increase and are becoming a significant part of the global economy, SLT introduced “Pay with SLT” to its digital portfolio. SLT customers will be able to purchase products and services online from SLT-registered merchants and have the payable amount added to their monthly SLT bill. Customers can benefit from a credit period offered by SLT, as well as peace of mind through the safe and secure mode of payment.

Adventures of Kimaki unfolds in a mysterious blue mountain filled with platforms. In his epic quest to find his friends and family his only hope is help from the Stick with Magical Powers. The result is “Adventures of Kimaki”, a hyper-casual adventure game that helps increase and improve the motor, memory and cognition skills of users.

 Helaviru E-agro Platform

Helaviru, agro-products and commodities trading platform is a digital marketplace that facilitates trading activities (buying and selling) of agriculture and farm products and commodities, among diverse stakeholders on a seamlessly connected supply chain.

The platform aims to create an ecosystem of digitally connected agro-producers (farmers and growers), small scale collectors, wholesalers, retailers, large consumers (super markets, food processing industries, hotels, etc.) and agro-produce exporters, and provide an easy and secure channel to carry out their trading activities.

 Study Platforms

In collaboration with leading learning management systems, SLT offers study platforms. Through these platforms, the Company hopes to convert classroom education into a fully online one and make it affordable to all.

AL Kuppiya

AL Kuppiya, a learning platform contains web interface and an Android mobile app. The service mainly targets G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) students from all subject streams. The lessons are carried out in video mode. Currently the platform offers only A/L subject related material only. All lessons are available in Sinhala language.

SLT eSiphala

SLT eSiphala is an online teaching platform targeted at enhancing the digital teaching and learning experience. The advanced eLearning technologies available on SLT eSiphala allows teachers to connect up to 20,000 students in a session, as well as create virtual classrooms to organise their teaching. The platform also enables them to conduct live or pre-recorded sessions, along with scheduling online assignments and tests together with marking systems.


SLT LYNKED is a cloud based platform developed to hold video/voice meetings with features such as:

  • Screen share and file share
  • Public/private chat
  • Whiteboard facility
  • Multiple rooms and multiple hosts
  • No limitations (time, number of sessions)
  • Easy access
  • Low priced data packs

The service can be accessed via any smart device, hence users can join in the conversations from any location. This is ideal to conduct online meetings as well as online classes for students.

 Enterprise products

SLT’s Intelligent Solutions are aimed at equipping local businesses with the full range of ICT solutions to help succeed in the global arena. Speed, connectivity and security are key demands businesses make and SLT’s wide portfolio of services is perfectly poised to meet and exceed these expectations. The comprehensive array of services are helping organisations to blaze ahead with stronger convergence capabilities, extended reliability, improved scalability, flexibility and cost effective implementation.

National Data Centre

SLT launched Sri Lanka’s first purpose built state-of-the-art Tier III Data Centre in Pitipana, Homagama in 2018. The facility, the “National Data Centre” provides secure and reliable data hosting and cloud computing services. It is South Asia’s first data centre capable of supporting Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) environments. SLT’s data centres and cloud platform offer enterprises a scalable and cost-effective alternative to deploying dedicated computing resources in-house.

Azure Intelligent Cloud Service

Intelligent cloud Services are SLT’s latest addition to Akaza Multi-Cloud services to all segment of customers. Azure Stack hub enables customers to deploy and manage Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Azure market place services. Azure Stack Hub service is multi-tenant and true Hybrid cloud services offered with vast features for developers aiming with server less computing services along with Kubernetes services in form of AKS.

VMware Enterprise Premium Cloud

SLT Akaza Enterprise Premium Cloud is a VMware validated design and directly implemented by the VMware international professional service team. SLT provides IaaS services, virtual machines, and virtual data centers along with a range of other support services such as disaster avoidance, disaster recovery, and backup. SLT is the only service provider that offers a range of new differentiated services and delivers several advanced self-service products that can dramatically reduce provisioning time and cut operational costs.


SD WAN Service was launched as a managed service for enterprise and government customers. SLT SD WAN was developed with a focus on addressing the network transformation that is necessary for the facilitation of digital transformation.

Amongst a host of other benefits to consumers, SLT SD WAN emphasises simplicity of management, better visibility, better application experience, optimised cloud connectivity and a more secure WAN for private and public connectivity. The main features of SD WAN include visibility, security and performance.

Managed Services

Designed for enterprise customers, SLT Managed Services offer data, voice and video integrated solutions. Customers can outsource the entire communications infrastructure to SLT and focus on the core business, while SLT manages the infrastructure, all the given services, and maintains the required service levels.

Internet and Cyber Security

Managed Firewall

SLT Managed Firewall helps eliminate threats before it reaches corporate networks with comprehensive protection. It minimises risk of security breaches, improves productivity and helps eliminate CAPEX investment for firewall. It also features integrated security intelligence with UTM profiles. Business organisations could experience a clear advantage by utilising local bandwidth and getting clean pipe with a high redundant and scalable security structure.

DDoS Protection Service

Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks are a growing-threat to businesses worldwide. DDoS attacks can quickly incapacitate a targeted business, creating revenue loss, productivity loss and reputation damage. DDoS Protection Service provides the detection and mitigation of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, protecting the enterprise network at gateway level, ensuring the customer bandwidth is available for legitimate traffic. SLT also provides 24/7 support and service assurance to help maintain all customer networks.

 Business solutions for SME

Product portfolio
Voice and video Networking Data hosting Managed services
  • Business Voice
  • Business Trunk Line
  • Business Hotline
  • Business PBX
  • Business IVR
  • Business IDD
  • VPN Solutions (L3)
  • Ethernet VPN (L2)
  • Business BB
  • Business Internet Line
  • Server Hosting
  • SLT Cloud
  • Cloud Solutions
  • DR Solutions
  • Data Back-up
  • Data Storage: Enterprise Storage
  • DNS Hosting
  • Hosted PABX Solutions
  • Hosted Security
  • Business WiFi
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Business Email Services
  • Devices
  • Business Storage:
    SLT Storage
  • SLT Check in: Hotel Management
  • Managed Firewall
  • Web design and hosting
  • Digital marketing
  • Inventory and accounting for SME
  • Cloud POS
  • DMS and workflow management
  • Appointment management
  • Queue management
  • IoT Solutions
Solutions portfolio
Voice and video Data and networking infrastructure Surveillance Software and digital marketing solutions Smart automation solutions
  • Analog intercom systems
  • IP intercom systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Call center system
  • WiFi access solutions
  • Network infrastructure solutions with structured cabling
  • IP/analog standard camera system
  • Door phone system
  • City surveillance solutions
  • Demand oriented software solutions
  • Digital marketing
  • Web development solutions
  • Smart home solutions
  • Access control system
  • Building management systems

 SLT apps


MySLT self-care app gives the customer full control to manage the SLT account, conduct postpaid online bill payments, request new service and package upgrades, tracking data usage, manage faults and obtain bill summaries. Customers are enabled to add extra data by paying immediately or later and report faults through the app.

SLT Broadband

This app provides a new and revolutionary way for the customer to manage the SLT broadband services. The app offers an array of benefits to SLT broadband customers such as checking broadband data usage and balance, and purchasing extra GB.


SLT CCTV is a standard compliant surveillance camera management and viewer app. This solution provides a seven day retention of customer’s surveillance camera feed.

SLT Kimaki

SLT Kimaki mobile gaming segment involves the adventures of Kimaki, a young ninja on an epic quest to find his friends and family. Game lovers, who are also paid subscribers can convert their winning game points into broadband GB.

SLT Smart Home

The app facilitates remote monitoring and management of the electronic appliances, such as remote surveillance, heat ventilation, air conditioning and even the lighting through the customer’s phone via sensors. Automatic triggers, intrusion alerts, and emergency notification are some of the features provides of the app.

AL Kuppiya

AL Kuppiya is a learning app which mainly targets G.C.E. Advanced Level (A/L) students from all subject streams. The app offers comprehensive learning programmes in all subject streams by video lessons. Students can download the Android version of the app through the Google Play Store.

Helaviru APP

Helaviru, agro-products and commodities trading platform is a digital marketplace that facilitates trading activities (buying and selling) of agriculture and farm products and commodities, among diverse stakeholders on a seamlessly connected supply chain. Farmers and buyers can download the Healviru app through Google Play Store.

SLT Storage

SLT Storage app provides secure storage for customer’s files and facilitates the customer to access files from anywhere, anytime by securely syncing the files across all devices. Customer can invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of the files or folders.


sltgo hotspots is an innovative Wi-Fi solution which utilises excess bandwidth capacity of the existing SLT network or shares the existing bandwidth of SLT broadband customers to access the internet among Wi-Fi community members for mutual benefits.

 Value Added Services (VAS)

Telehealth Insurance

Telehealth Insurance is a special medical insurance scheme provided in collaboration with Ceylinco General Insurance Ltd exclusively to SLT customers. The Telehealth policy cover provides financial assistance for hospitalisation in any government hospital, registered private hospital/nursing home, or any other approved government/private Ayurveda hospital, as an in-patient, as a result of sustaining accidental bodily injury, any sickness or illness, or any type of surgery. The insurance scheme offers covers with monthly premiums as low as LKR 100 that can be settled in the monthly SLT bill and eliminates the need to fill application forms. Insurance cover is also available to the spouse and children of subscribers.


Telelife insurance policy is offered by SLT in partnership with Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation (SLIC). This provides life insurance at affordable premiums for SLT customers. One of the major benefits of the service is the affordability of the premiums and convenience involved, as the premiums will be charged to the customer’s monthly telephone bill and can be paid along with the SLT telephone bill.

SLT Filmhall

SLT launched SLT Filmhall, a streaming service for the first
time as an OTT (Over-The-Top) platform to make entertainment options available online to all
Sri Lankans. This provides high quality video streaming, music downloads and gaming facilities
as never experienced before in
Sri Lanka, bringing a cinematic experience right to the home.

All these services are available through a single web portal,

Kaspersky internet security

Virus protection and internet security are important to safeguard valuable data and privacy over the internet. SLT introduced special monthly subscription plans for SLT broadband customers and annual subscriptions for both SLT and non-SLT customers over SLT e-Teleshop by partnering with Kaspersky.

Usage reports

SLT broadband customers can view broadband usage details through the Broadband VAS Portal interface. The newly added usage report is a value added feature that gives the customer detailed access information to ensure that the customer can be 100% secure about the data usage.

SMS alert facility

The customer communication gap was bridged by enabling SMS updates to all customers during service fulfilment as an assurance and to keep customers updated.

 Mobitel (

 Personal solutions

Business solutions

Cloud solutions

Mobitel offers prepaid and post-paid mobile telephone connections, as well as 4G LTE broadband packages.

Mobitel broadband solutions include:

  • Smartphone data plans
  • Education, entertainment and social media specific data plans
  • SME and enterprise data solutions
  • Home broadband solutions
  • Mobile data device plans
  • Family data plan solutions

Mobitel offers a variety of solutions that can enhance productivity and value for small businesses and large enterprises.

These include:

  • Business Applications
  • Infrastructure & Asset Management Systems
  • End-user experience solutions
  • Communication Services
  • Managed Services
  • Enterprise MISs

Mobitel is an authorised Cloud Solutions Provider for:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft AEP
  • Samsung Knox

Also the authorised reseller for:

  • IBM MaaS360 with Watson
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco Webex


e-Channelling, a Mobitel subsidiary and the pioneer software development and ICT service provider to the Healthcare industry in Sri Lanka, facilitated appointments for mandatory medical tests to obtain new driving licences and to renew existing licenses. This was done in partnership with the National Transport Authority.

Other initiatives by e-Channelling during the pandemic were:

  • Audio consultations for GPs
  • Drive through PCR testing channelling
  • Video consultation appointments
  • Mobile Lab Service reservation
  • Prescription upload for drug delivery
  • Chat with Doctor/Counsellor/ Nutritionist
  • COVID 19 survey system for Hospitals

 SLT VisionCom (


PEO TV brings the latest on news, entertainment and education from around the world through an interactive platform offering 48 hours of rewind TV, Video on Demand and Subscription Video on Demand. Differentiating its offering, PEO TV introduced Picture-in- Picture, Music on Demand, Education on Demand and many other TV applications for the first time in
Sri Lanka. Customers can watch over 140 TV channels with a selection of HD content and access to on demand library that offers an extensive range of Sinhala, Hindi, Tamil, English, Malayalam, and Telugu movies Leveraging the

multilingual capability of certain English channels, which enable streaming in Tamil language, helped to incorporate four such channels to the platform. The variety in linear channels and high quality of on-demand content makes it possible for PEO TV to operate as a hub for content, with the latest movies made available in the content library.

Supporting smart learning and education, PEO TV also features, EOD (Education on Demand) offering students the convenience of following important lessons at any time. EOD on PEO TV provides content from many educational content providers, such as Candela Learning, Guru, AL Kuppiya,
DP Educations and other specialists in
the industry.

A content library named, “Sootikka” was introduced to the public by PEO TV, which was also made available on YouTube. The YouTube platform enjoys a strong viewership, of which a significant reach is from the global arena, indicating good prospects for OTT Content going international. With the integration of gaming, PEO TV will enable gaming opportunities to its customers providing a plethora of services in one unique platform.



Helawood Popcorn

PEO TV GO allows customers to enjoy their favourite PEOTV content on any device, anywhere, at any time. The PEO TV GO app was made available to any customer over any network since June 2020, to enjoy all PEO TV features including Live TV,
Rewind TV, Video on Demand, Subscription Video on Demand and Education on Demand.

The PEO TV GO TV Box brings further convenience to watching TV and all-time favourite shows to a simple plug and play convenience as it connects the entertainment world to any device from home or anywhere at any time.

PEO TV BIZ, provides a multiple TV solution to cater to the requirements of small and medium enterprises in the country. The service is available in two formats: Multiple PEO TV via FTTH to provide up to three TV points, and Enterprise PEO TV via dedicated fibre, to provide over 15 TV points.

Helawood Popcorn is a cinematic cyber space, dedicated to capturing the diverse flavours of local and international entertainment in one platform. It connects lovers of
Sri Lankan cinema and engages them in discussions about the history and future of Sri Lankan cinema.

 Charana TV

SLT Group


Charana TV is a local variety channel dedicated to Sri Lankan content, which stands among the top 10 most viewed channels on PEO TV within a short period from its inception. Its mission is to cater to the aesthetic needs of the public while respecting the diversity of the country. The fully-fledged Charana studio continuously strives to reinvent local content featuring new programmes such as “Pothai Hithai”, “Kavi 10 Gee 10,” “Dhadabbarai Hapannu”, and “Seethala Eethala”. “Aseema”, South Asia’s first ever Live Virtual Mixed Reality television show broadcasted on Charana TV traveled beyond the standard television boundaries with technology. In addition a YouTube channel was also launched to further enlarge the reach of the channel apart from its available platforms of PEO TV and PEO TV GO with intentions to expand to further platforms as well.

SLT Group Watch channel, helps customers get acquainted with updates on SLT products, services and important updates on technology and beyond.


Event TV

Videsa 5-11 Bouquet offers a dedicated educational channel from grades six to 11, covering a wide area of the school curriculum and revision support for each grade.

Event TV is a dedicated channel for events. The channel enables entities to broadcast live and recorded telecasts in high definition, at a nominal cost on PEO TV and PEO TV GO.

 Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Limited (SLTS) (

Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Sri Lanka Telecom PLC. SLTS has two strategic business units (SBU) engaged in ICT System Integration and Telecommunication Out-Side Plant Development and Maintenance.

ICTAD EM1 Certified Company

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certified Company (certified by SGS)

 System Integration (SI) SBU

System Integration Division provides complete ICT solutions for enterprises of all industries and the Government sector which include Smart software applications and solutions, information security solutions, network and computer systems, cloud solutions, data center design and development, ELV (Extra Low Voltage) solutions and unified communication solutions. SLTS has world leading OEM partnerships for all major ICT segments. The experienced and certified professional team is the greatest strength of the Company.

Enterprise switching, routing, and wireless

SLTS provides network equipment to clients including enterprise switching, routing, and wireless equipment. SLTS enterprise network solutions and enterprise wireless solutions enable clients to accelerate innovation while enhancing security and other benefits and reducing cost and complexity.

Server and Storage Solutions

The Company’s capabilities enable to offer numerous storage solutions suitable for server consolidation and virtualisation environments with high performance and high availability to clients.

Data Center, Critical
Facility Development

SLTS undertakes development of data centres of any scale up to Uptime Tier Certified service provider data centres. It also provides enterprise facilities in partnerships with civil, mechanical and electrical contract partners, incorporating the superior globally ranked product portfolio.

Unified Communication Solutions

Complete unified communication solutions (PABX solutions) including IP-based PABX systems that encompass all the internal communication requirements of clients. Solutions can be tailor-made to client’s requirements ranging from SOHO (small office house office) to large enterprises.

Information Security Solutions

The services portfolio also includes IT security solutions for clients, including firewalls, antivirus and messaging security, and securing data and information from malware threats. The Division handles Enterprise Security Management with SIEM, NDR, SOC solutions as well.

ELV system solutions (Extra Low Voltage system projects)

The services that the Division provides include total ELV system solutions using both UTP and fiber with state-of-the-art voice and data copper cabling systems, as well as cost-effective total power solutions for industry networks on par with industry standards. These solutions include structured cabling, surveillance, PABX, PA (Public addressing), Access control and Door phone systems, IPTV/MATV, Carpark management and BMS (Building management systems).

Surveillance Systems

A complete CCTV and IP-based surveillance systems that encompass all the monitoring requirements of clients. Solutions can be catered to the requirements of clients ranging from a small home to a large corporation.

Smart Application Solutions and Managed Services

SLTS provides software solutions either as turn-key solutions or managed services with support and maintenance. These solutions include SLTS’s existing software products, custom developments or third party software products, as required.

Banking Solutions

SLTS “Easy Bank” is a robust Micro Finance and Banking Solution developed by SLTS, which can address all the micro financing application requirements. This commercially deployed flagship software product of SLTS, provides an integrated banking solution with customisation.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

SLTS Total Enterprise System (TES) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system developed by SLTS that can manage the entire informational requirement across an organisation.

The system integrates all organisational departments including finance/accounting, marketing, sales and customer relationship management, manufacturing, and more into a single point and automate all activities through an integrated software application. TES is a total web-based system with a database repository back up that can run under different hardware and network environments, including virtualised or hosted services.

Custom Software Applications

SLTS undertakes development, integration and management of custom software solutions for clients. SLTS also works with software solutions of third parties as an implementation partner and as a managed services partner.

 Managed professional services

SLTS provides technical professional services for other companies for ICT infrastructure maintenance and management, system operations, and project execution and management.

Outside Plant (OSP) SBU

This business unit is mainly focused on executing telecommunication service provider and other ICT outside plant related projects and related managed services. The scope of its activities includes planning, designing, commissioning and maintenance of outside plants.

SLTS maintains an island wide branch network of 19 offices, including the head office located in Colombo-08 and the main OSP office located in Kaduwela which mainly supports the OSP business and SI business regional activities.

The main projects undertaken by the OSP division in 2020:

  • New subscriber connections (Fiber, Copper and IPTV Service)
  • Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network development
  • Fiber and copper cable development projects
  • Work related to shifting Telecom networks
  • Mobile/Fixed operator transmission tower and antenna related projects
  • Telecommunication network maintenance and faults management
  • SLTS has initiated a Solar PV energy project implementation in the year 2020 with the approval of the Sustainable Energy Authority.

 SLT Digital Info Services (

Having undergone a series of transformational steps to focus on the business transition and digital transformation, SLT Digital Info Services (Private) Limited has continued to grow diversifying the business through new innovative business models, sustainable partnerships, provision of specialised Sri Lankan business information, digital marketing, directory information publishing as well as event management and activation services.

The remarkable growth in revenue composition exemplifies the success of the new additions to the product portfolio in tandem with the digital transformation. SLTDS’s Digital strategy covers both business-driven-innovation and technology-driven-innovation, which is integrated with core business and outside.

 Rainbow Pages
 print directory

Rainbow Pages
web directory

Rainbow Pages
mobile app

The Rainbow Pages Directory which contains over 20,000 classified business listings, over 42,000 organizational listings is the only national directory in Sri Lanka. The printed directory business was well managed as a sustainable business segment. is one of the most frequently visited websites in Sri Lanka, extending the reach of the directory to a global level.

With the technology revolution, the mobile app facilitates access to information quickly and easily at the touch of the fingertips. The app is made available on Android or Apple smart phone or any other mobile device free of charge.

 Wedding Directory and
  Tourist Directory websites

Event management and activations

Digital marketing

The Wedding Directory and Tourist Directory websites are dedicated directory vertical websites created by SLTDS to cater to two key industries in Sri Lanka. The vertical directories provide a unique platform for advertisers to promote their brands and products, and a one-stop website for customers searching for information about these two industries.

Diversifying into non-directory businesses, SLTDS plans and manages a wide range of major events including, awards ceremonies, conferences, product launches, customer forums, town storming sessions, branding events and any other similar events.

Launched in 2020, the Digital marketing agency provides 360 degree Digital Marketing services to reach larger audiences with lesser cost and achieve high ROIs.

 Digital services

Digital services are centred around digital marketing and web creations. Products include:

  • Web designing, development & maintenance)
  • E-commerce portal design, development & maintenance
  • Social media advertising (page creation, optimisation and run campaigns on all social media platforms)
  • Search engine advertising (Google search advertising and display advertising)
  • Social media optimization YouTube advertising
  • E-mail marketing
  • SMS marketing, bulk SMS messaging
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Photography and video productions
  • Video editing and artwork design
  • Logo designing
  • Content development and content marketing
  • Online business directory advertising
  • Digital activations and promotions
  • Voice advertising service – Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service to institutions
  • Voice advertising service – Paid Interactive Voice Response (IVR) campaigns
  • Social media influencers’ content creation
  • Hotel booking platform solution to clients

 SLT Talentfort (

Talentfort Private Limited is an associated company of Sri Lanka Telecom Group. Talentfort offers total HR solutions including HR outsourcing, head hunting, BP operations, system software, HR consultancy and foreign collaborations. The Company provides professional outsourcing services solutions, shared services and support services.

With only very limited business with SLT, Talentfort’s focus is on external business, to enhance Group revenue through the provision of premium services. Although business sustainability faced many challenges during the pandemic of 2020, employee welfare remained a priority. The Company continued to focus heavily on training to maintain its value proposition
of “more for more”, providing more value in terms of employee quality and efficiency.

 Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) (

Sri Lanka Technological Campus (SLTC) is a pioneering venture, being the first research-based fully residential university in Sri Lanka. It is the fastest growing university in the country, operating 24X7, and has been an innovative step in the Sri Lankan higher education system. The university is financially self-sustaining, and has an academic faculty of over 200 and a 1:10 staff to student ratio in compliance with international accreditation guidelines.

SLTC offers 25 local undergraduate programmes and over 10 foreign academic and research partnership programmes in collaboration with some of the highest ranking universities in the world. The Campus has the distinction of housing the largest residential facility in a non-state university. During the year, the student intake grew by 100% YoY, and set up the first purpose built academic facility to promote collaborative research. Over the years, SLTC has received many recognitions and accolades and has more than 20 high impact publications to its credit.

SLTC was the first university in country to run a technology enabled active learning platform and throughout the lockdown period, it was the most active online university in Sri Lanka and highest data consuming university. All the programmes were converted to online formats including examinations, continuous assessments and practicals.

The self-based public learning ACE platform ( was launched, allowing people to run their own programmes. SLTC also introduced its own corporate education brand called the MASTERS ( Through MASTERS, while running several programmes on design and working towards future proofing its programmes, another ongoing collaboration with a few Israeli universities is aimed at bringing cyber security content into Sri Lanka.

To diversify the educational offering, four new degrees were introduced by SLTC. These include a degree in music, which is offered by a non-state university for the first time in Sri Lanka, a degree in fashion merchandising and textiles and degrees in agricultural technology and environment technology, and hospitality and tourism.

 Xyntac (

Xyntac, the global unit of Sri Lanka Telecom is an evolving digital communications ecosystem that delivers carrier-grade connectivity & digital solutions to businesses around the globe. Expansive submarine fibre networks with long standing global partnerships supports to build up highly scalable transport speeds up to multiples of 100 Gbps with the capability of networking diverse customer sites with flexible connectivity solutions. The high-performance, low latency networks propel businesses to the global stage allowing them to achieve strategic, revenue and expansion objectives.

 Connectivity service portfolio

Voice services

Xyntac delivers Wholesale Voice Services and Free Phone Services through faster TDM and VoIP interconnects through 120+ direct partnerships with guaranteed Quality of Service.

Global VPN services

Xyntac provides secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) services to empower businesses with simple, secure & scalable global network services. These are designed to deliver a cost-effective, flexible and resilient point to point & multipoint interconnections for efficient voice, data and multimedia communications.

Internet services

With IP Transit and Direct Internet Access (DIA), Xyntac provides robust and secured Internet solutions to Global Carriers and Global Enterprises through Global IP backbone (AS 45489) which is backed by Global Tier I ISPs and major IXs across the world.

Global network solutions

The global submarine cable capacity requirements have increased exponentially by up to 500 times over the past 10 years. This trend continues as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet of Things are becoming mainstream for global capacity requirements. Xyntac has already diversified its submarine cable network to cater this emerging capacity demand. Xyntac submarine cable network comprises of its consortium cables SEA-ME-WE 5,

SEA-ME-WE 4, SEA-ME-WE 3, private cables connecting to Maldives and India and partner cables around the globe. Xyntac International POPs spread across USA, Europe and Asia will enhance faster deployment of services around the globe and plans are underway to expand its presence further to the other regions of the world.

SLT has made plans to expand its capacity on SEA-ME-WE 4 and 5 whilst retiring SEA-ME-WE 3 which is an old cable system and discussions are underway to invest in SEA-ME-WE 6 to cater the future global submarine capacity demand.

P2P connectivity

With International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL), Xyntac provides global enterprises with an exclusive, secure connectivity services with unmatched reliability delivered through point-to-point connections. These private connections provide dedicated, connectivity, fast and flexible performance linked with industry specific SLA & professional support.

 Digital portfolio

Cloud services

Xyntac provides multi-cloud platforms partnering with virtualisation giants such as VMWare, Microsoft, and Oracle, enabling the digital transformation of global enterprises. Also Xyntac is capable of providing Virtual Data Centres (VDCs), Virtual Machines (VMs), Disaster Recovery services, Disaster Avoidance services, Backup services, Storage services, Load Balancing services and Managed Services.

Co-location services

Xyntac offers a carrier neutral, Tier III uptime certified data centre facility that provides:

  • High security, scalability, and availability
  • Advanced technologies to achieve high power usage effectiveness
  • Customised services to meet diverse business requirements
  • Caging facility
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Working area facility
  • Industry-specific SLAs and guaranteed network uptime
  • Green Gold Certified Data Centre
  • Meet Me Room facility
  • 24x7 monitoring and customer support
Managed services

Xyntac can handle the clients’ IT requirements so that they can focus on their core business. Services include:

  • Managed firewall
  • Managed security
  • Managed infrastructure
  • 24x7 live support with a skilled engineering team, guaranteed service levels and network uptime, and guaranteed restoration time

Customer experience management

During the year, many new internal initiatives were introduced and existing customer service processes were reviewed to enhance our customer experience positively. The Product Champion programme, which was initiated to enhance awareness of regional staff regarding SLT’s products and product management, was reviewed and strengthened, which in turn enhanced customer experience delivered at all customer touch points. A single point of contact in IT was established for system related issues, which were addressed by the highest office of the company. An employee engagement programme was successfully carried out at Regional Office and OPMCs. Staff at all levels were motivated and techniques shared on how best to deliver a superior customer experience at Regional Offices and when OPMC staff visit customers. Every month the customer voice was represented in operational review meetings.

Customer touch point improvements

New look to SLT Q-Management System

Q-Management is a systemised customer handling approach that was established at direct customer touch points during the past few years. However, with the Company’s prime focus now being on enabling a superior customer experience overall, a complete outlook change of the existing Q-Management System was effected, focusing on capturing actual customer experience. The new Q-Management system is equipped with features such as the possibility to capture customer voice, easy customer handling, priority token availability, and a reporting feature enabled for senior management. This upgrade was implemented with the collaboration of SLT’s IT team.

Dynamic QR for SLT bill payments

SLT tied up with the Bank of Ceylon (BoC) to launch the first ever dynamic QR for SLT bill payments. This initiative was launched in early 2020 with an eye on the pandemic situation and Nation-wide lockdown. The initiative enables SLT customers to enjoy the freedom of making bill payments with a single click by scanning the dynamic QR printed on the SLT monthly bill using the Lanka QR certified payment app. This feature was also made available with SLT e-bills.

Many other improvements are in the pipeline for the future, such as a letter tracking system, an enterprise portal for corporate customers to lodge faults, process automation, an enterprise appointment management system, increasing digital payment modes and a 360-degree customer experience dashboard, to name a few.

Customer satisfaction

At SLT, customer satisfaction is paramount and in order to understand the customer perception a year-end Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) survey is conducted across all business segments including enterprises, consumers and SMEs. The year 2020 was themed the “Year of customer experience”, and SLT continued to engage its customers in diverse ways.

Each year the Company reviews its Net Promoter Score (NPS). However, in 2020, due to the pandemic situation, a review of the NPS was not possible. Instead of face-to-face interviews with customers, a telephone survey was conducted to track customer perceptions about SLT and to understand expectations. Over 60 service attributes were assessed through this method.

In addition to the CSI and NPS studies, other mechanisms are used to assess the customers, including real-time arrangements, with service fulfilment and assurance, where on a daily basis the customers are called to obtain feedback on services provided.

The Company plans to introduce customer experience KPIs to customer touch point groups in 2021 based on successful pilot projects currently being carried out. The operational level dashboard was restructured to improve internal efficiency to streamline operations & analysis, and preventive measures will be implemented in 2021.

Measures implemented to enhance customer convenience

SLT’s superior service standards and unparalleled level of customer convenience are evident in the speed and latency rates. SLT is the only company in Sri Lanka to provide end-to-end fibre connectivity, on dedicated lines, with data speeds of up to 1 Gbps, unlike wireless operators, where the data speeds are shared. Only SLT can guarantee the lowest latency with 84 international submarine cables for direct global connectivity. Close to 60,000 km of fibre have been laid island wide guaranteeing the highest speed, and lowest latency to customers and operators, including Sri Lanka’s growing gaming community. In addition to these benefits,

  • An Add-to-Bill facility was introduced for online purchases, for customers who do not have a credit card
  • Home automation facilities via SLT Smart Home
  • SLT Storage allows customers to access their data where ever they go
  • Check home-security anytime through SLT CCTV
  • Gamification was introduced to improve cognition and motor skills
  • The agri-trading eco system was enhanced by introducing an e-market place for farmers and buyers, which will positively impact lifestyles of the agriculture sector
  • A new queue management system was implemented in commercial touch point in 2020 for greater efficiency

Strengthening digital portals and customer care during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 period of 2020, SLT contributed towards relief and recovery by providing many concessions and relief packages to customers, while maintaining uninterrupted services and introducing other support initiatives. Customer care digital portals were strengthened and improved to ensure efficiency, while round-the-clock customer care was maintained. The most suitable packages were provided and easy payment methods and late payments were accommodated through multiple SLT platforms.

  • IVR Self-care Portal – 24x7 Customer Care: 1212
  • SLT Broadband Portal:
  • For online bill payment:
  • TV for any device: PEO TV Go available on the App Store and Google Play
  • SLT Broadband App: MySLT mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play

Contact Centre

SLT Contact Centre is the main touch point of SLT customer service, that operates 24/7 while providing service to the customers through different channels, mainly as an automated self-service and as an agent assisted service.

During the year, operational capability of the Contact Centre was vastly improved with the roll-out of a new operational platform. This new platform was developed as an internal system development, realised by the skilful and experienced staff of SLT. The new platform enabled the operations of the contact centre to be more effective with many added features to the automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service.

As a measure of uplifting customer service, various developments were also carried out focussed on improvements to automation in voice channel, and introduction of a new messaging channel for social media platforms. Automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services were also introduced to serve the customers in real time which resulted in improved satisfaction levels.

SLT contact centre operates in 13 different geographical locations in Sri Lanka, and has deployed over 275 contact centre officers, who are geared to respond to an average of 22,000 calls per day. Other than voice calls that are served as agent assisted services and as IVR services, the Contact Centre also serves customers via e-mails as social media responses and as an agent support service to any complaints that have been escalated from the Chatbot service available to customers.

With the automated IVR services introduced during the year, the call handling capacity was increased to 40,000 calls per day. In 2020, the contact centre received 13.2 million calls out of which 9.8 million calls were answered, maintaining a yearly average success rate of 74% despite the challenges experienced due to COVID-19 pandemic.

The Contact Centre also provides contact centre solutions to external organisations as a BPO function. In 2020, the Centre operated six call centres of other institutions supported by 140 contact centre officers.

Marketing campaigns

In 2020, following COVID-19 lockdown, for the first time, all marketing activities were moved to online platforms, with extraordinary success. Two digital campaigns were conducted for the Sinhala Tamil New Year and Vesak. The New Year campaign, which went on for one week made the SLT Facebook page the fastest growing Facebook page in Sri Lanka during that time. Giving a further boost to the SLT brand, SLT was declared Sri Lanka’s No.1 digital evolving brand.

A blend of digital and physical activations were maintained during the year, where in the first quarter SLT focused on connecting with customers through bill collection mechanisms, mobile trucks to customer doorstep etc., which also contributed towards the bottom-line of the Company. By mid-year the focus was on transitioning to the digital mode, to cater to customer specific requirements.

The following campaigns were conducted during the year:

  • To strengthen the emotional bond between customers and SLT brand
    loyalty data campaign and a stay-home-stay safe campaign.
  • To encourage people to stay at home
    Different packages such as Meet and Learn packages and free data to watch TV and use Instagram.
  • Mass campaigns on safety and health protocols – “Honda purudu anagathayatayath sannivedanaya campaign.” The emotional brand focus for 2020 was “As a proud Sri Lankan, what we learnt from COVID-19 and what we should do to build a better nation.”
  • CSR campaigns – A tree planting campaign aligned to the Lanka Premier League (LPL).
  • To build a youthful brand affinity – Communication initiatives, such as
    the Avurudu campaigns, were utilised to build brand affinity with the youth and in parallel to the LPL, the VPL was launched, which is a youth focused campaign.

Digital inclusion for all

SLT’s ultimate objective is to enable a digital future which is accessible to all. In this regard the Company has initiated an aggressive fibre penetration drive and achieved over 105,000 new fibre customers by end October 2020.

The Company aims to develop two million FTTH ports by 2022, from the existing 350,000 ports. SLT is rapidly enhancing its broadband footprint in Sri Lanka to better respond to growing ultra-broadband demand from customers. LKR 29 Bn. has been invested to expanding the FTTH network, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) platform, a 4.5 generation and an optical fibre core network. FTTH port delivery target was increased to 25,000 ports per month. This target was achieved amid the height of the COVID lockdown and the Company is well on track to achieve its 500,000 target.

Future outlook

Looking towards a future defined by the new normal of the post-COVID era, SLT is gearing for a future of even greater digitisation and higher levels of convenience to take Sri Lanka to the next level. As a digitalised company keeping pace with the latest trends, SLT is aiming at transforming into a digital service provider. The future focus will be on global telecommunications trends, regulatory requirements and local market requirements and we will focus on e-commerce, through the launch of, agriculture verticals, mobile app based insurance solutions and AV monetisation. Broadband will remain a primary growth area with more data bundles and enhancements towards PEO TV, and PEO Go, to accommodate YouTube and other browsing options for the creation of a smart TV hub. SLT will also launch an entertainment app and a lifestyle app.

Fibre activations is another strategic priority, which will be streamlined and driven to bring fibre to the very last village in Sri Lanka and bring fibre connectivity to a climax in 2021 through the “Gamata Sannivedanaya” campaign.

Through the CSI study, SLT will introduce new customer service indices into the survey, such as the customer effort score, first time resolution index, time to resolve index and even customer loyalty etc. to strengthen the CSI activity and continually enhance customer satisfaction.

SLT’s theme will be “A happy customer and happy employee” and the Company is considering the digital customer experience in the future. As a team the objective of SLT is to increase customer loyalty, reduce churn and regain marketing leadership. SLT already has the largest government, SME and enterprise customer base.

Business Partner Capital

SLT has built a sustainable eco-system of partnerships with local and international business entities and service providers. These partnerships and alliances help further the goal of providing excellent services for SLT’s customers both near and far. The relationships built with Government, Enterprise customers, and domestic operators have also been mutually beneficial and continue to contribute towards SLT’s mission of innovating for the future.

New strategic alliances, collaborations, and joint ventures

Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA)

SLT signed an agreement with the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to provide communication services for the organisation. As per the agreement, SLT will provide a voice solution to the SLPA which will facilitate reliable communications among all the main operational points of the organisation.

Fon Wireless Limited

SLT partnered with Fon Wireless Limited to create community Wi-Fi networks which offer wireless network access to visitors and users in close proximity; thus creating a virtual, public Wi-Fi network. With the launch of sltgo, SLT broadband customers and all internet customers of Sri Lanka will be able to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity on the go via community Wi-Fi networks – it will extend over 23 million Wi-Fi hotspot connections in over 25 countries around the world.

Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy

For the eighth consecutive year, SLT is the official ICT Service Provider of the Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy. The partnership was further strengthened with the agreement to provide a multitude of ICT solutions including Broadband services, PEO TV and voice communication via high-speed SLT Fibre technology to the Maligawa.

Colombo Law Library

SLT has extended their expertise to the Commercial High Courts of Sri Lanka with the introduction of a new Virtual Hearing Solution. The new online platform ensures court procedures continue unhindered by COVID-19 or any other similar crisis. The online system will function as a “virtual courthouse”, and will permit cases to be heard remotely with the use of video conferencing technology, minimising the number of people frequenting courthouses. It would also benefit judicial services by improving efficiency, transparency, effective analysis and inter-agency integration. The Commercial High Courts of Sri Lanka will be initially introducing this solution to their calling dates cases as a pilot project.

Epic Technology Group

SLT and the Epic Technology Group – the leading digital technology solution providers in the region – launched “Helaviru Digital Economic Centre” 2020. The revolutionary platform is a cloud-based digital marketplace that facilitates trading activities (buying and selling) of agricultural produce, farm produce and similar commodities among diverse stakeholders on a seamlessly connected supply chain. The digital eco-system also connects farmers and growers with transport and delivery service providers, fertilizer suppliers, plants and seed suppliers, agro-insurance providers, banks, and government institutes.

Peoples Bank

SLT and People’s Bank signed an MOU, where People’s Bank is a strategic partner in providing agri based digital loan schemes to the farmers who have been on-boarded to the Helaviru platform.

LAUGFS Holdings Limited and Softlogic Holdings PLC

LAUGFS Holdings Limited and Softlogic Holdings PLC have come on board as strategic partners of the “Helaviru” initiative, to promote the platform among agriculture stakeholders and encourage diverse stakeholders to actively use the platform for mutual benefit.

Cisco and MIT

SLT initiated a tri-party partnership with Cisco and MIT, and developed SLT SD WAN with a focus on addressing the network transformation that is necessary for the facilitation of digital transformation.

Multi-tenant projects partnerships

SLT is the digital services provider delivering fibre infrastructure to the residences and apartments listed in below. Residents have ultra-fast internet connectivity with download speeds of up to 100 Mbps, high quality voice services, and access to high definition TV content via PEO TV.

  • Mireka Capital Land (Pvt) Ltd. for Havelock City Commercial Building
  • CT Land Development PLC for Majestic City,
  • Ceylinco Limited for Ceylico House
  • International Construction Consortium for Mount Clifford
  • Wonder Homes (Pvt) Ltd. for Wonder Home and The Mount Wonder
  • Land Maark Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. for Land Mark Projects
  • Elish Development (Pvt) Ltd. for Flemington
  • Metro Habitat (Pvt) Ltd. for Metro Habitat
  • Vishnu Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. for Vish Tower
  • Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) for AVIC Astoria
  • Sumi International (Pvt) Ltd. for Grand Homes
  • Sirilak Trading & Development (Pvt) Ltd. for Sanasro Residencies

SLT powers “AL Kuppiya” to enhance Digital Learning for A/L Students

SLT signed an agreement with Crayons Education (Pvt) Ltd. to provide special data bundles for SLT Broadband customers to access “AL Kuppiya”, the e-learning platform. More details about this partnership is given under Customer capital on page 63.

SLT promotes Retail Operations with Lanka Sathosa Limited

Responding to the need of the hour, SLT has stepped forward to provide technical infrastructure in the form of developing, hosting and managing the online site on behalf of Lanka Sathosa. The initiative also compliments the Government’s objective of promoting retail operations in the country.

SME Solutions Partners

SLT signed partnership agreements with 27 SME solutions providers for a period of three years.

  • Advanced Network Technologies (Pvt) Limited
  • Aiken (Pvt) Limited
  • Bartleet Electronics (Pvt) Limited
  • Ceylon Innovation
  • Ceymplon (Pvt) Limited
  • Digital Content (Pvt) Ltd.
  • East Link Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd.
  • EZY Distribution (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Siyol International (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Greenwin Technologies Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Smartcom Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
  • E Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Epic Lanka Technologies (Private) Limited
  • Fentons Ltd.
  • Finco Technologies (Pvt) Limited
  • Fintechnology Asia Pacific Lanka (Pvt) Limited
  • Just In Time Technologies (Private) Limited
  • Metropolitan Communications (Pvt) Limited
  • Onestep Solutions (Pvt) Limited
  • P W J Lanka Technology (Pvt) Limited
  • SALA Enterprises
  • Secvision (Pvt) Limited
  • Starcom International & Investment (Pvt) Limited
  • Softlogic Retail (Pvt) Limited
  • Sri Lanka Telecom Digital Info Services (Pvt) Limited
  • Sri Lanka Telecom Services Limited
  • Vista Solutions (Pvt) Limited

Procurement Policies and Standards for business partners

SLT signs partnerships and makes alliances with organisations that share similar values and business ethics. The policies and guidelines that guide and determine the future of these relationships are well documented. Moreover, issues related labour practices and sustainable business operations are comprehensively covered in the Code of Ethics for suppliers.

Dealer support

In order to make its relationships with its dealers more fruitful, SLT constantly communicates with them to diversify their offerings. Therefore, dealers who offer data products and other ICT solutions are given the opportunity to present a wider array of products and services that will lend value to SLT and in turn benefit the dealer as well.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) excellence

Supply chain management and automation are critical to ensuring the availability of material and the distribution and running of stocks efficiently. SLT’s SCM system includes inventory management, details on the stocks in hand and online reorder quantity levels to ensure smooth operations.

In addition, the Company ensures that the best quality materials are procured and that all employees are aware of the expected quality. With the help of this system we are also able to reduce wastage and the cost of material, and will also have a group level procurement consolidation plan this year.

Other partnerships

SLT partnered with following suppliers to procure Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for SLT’s Sales Outlets (RTO & Teleshop) and E-teleshop on consignment basis (CONBES).

  • SALA Enterprises
  • Esquire Telecom
  • Sense Foreign Trade
  • Siyol International (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Debug Computer Peripherals (Pvt) Ltd.
  • STARCOM International & Investment (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Sri Lanka Telecom (Services) Ltd.
  • Bell Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.
  • South Asian Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Epic Lanka Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Finco Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.
  • Softlogic Retail (Pvt) Ltd.

Future outlook

Over the years, SLT has built partnerships and sound relationships with reputed business partners. Each of these relationships has enriched SLT and also lent value to its mission of being the Nation’s trusted Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider and the leading broadband and backbone infrastructure services provider. It is SLT’s aim to fortify these partnerships and build a sound ecosystem of business partnerships. The Company also hopes to strengthen the supply chain in the wake of import restrictions imposed due to the pandemic by liaising with local manufacturers and obtaining credit facilities from foreign suppliers.

Social and Environmental Capital

SLT’s role in fortifying and building the infrastructure that will confidently carry the country forward into a digital future by innovations and value creation proved timely and effective. For large numbers of households turning to online channels for work, schooling, shopping and banking during the global pandemic, the services provided by SLT and its subsidiaries proved invaluable – allowing individuals, communities and businesses to carry out their day-to-day activities with the least amount of disruption despite the significant impact caused by social restrictions. As always, these services were provided while ensuring that SLT’s impact on the environment remained minimal so all communities can conduct their daily activities smoothly and uninterrupted.

Social initiatives

SLT employees voluntarily participate in the Organisation’s social initiatives through the SLT Customer Clubs. Initiated in 2016, the SLT Customer Clubs enable the Organisation to partner with loyal customers to carry out social responsibility projects. Such projects help the Organisation fulfill its commitments to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Among other initiatives; SLT contributes towards quality education, clean drinking water and sanitation; mitigation of climate change impact and building a more sustainable future.

Supporting the Government during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dealing with a global pandemic at a time when little information was forthcoming about the nature of the virus, government organisations around the world were racing to find solutions. Sri Lanka was no different and SLT is proud to have contributed to such efforts.

As a responsible corporate citizen and the national ICT service provider, the SLT Group continues to work tirelessly together with all factions to contain the outbreak. The Group plays a significant role in supporting the Government’s response to the pandemic, having invested in initiatives exceeding LKR 350 Mn. This is in addition to the LKR 50 Mn. monetary donation to the COVID-19 Health and Social Security Fund, to enable social distancing, facilitate essential services, support the Government in its endeavours, and help restart economic activities in key sectors of the country.

SLT’s contribution to the health sector during COVID-19 pandemic

SLT’s generous contributions to several hospitals across the county with the support of SLT regional offices included, donation of Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) hospitals including IDH hospital; National Hospital, Colombo; the Lady Ridgeway Hospital; Health Ministry; Defence Ministry; Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama and Army Hospital, Narahenpita.

Prisons connected with their family members

To prevent the rapid transmission of COVID-19 within the Sri Lanka prisons, SLT conducted a CSR programme for self-quarantined prisoners. and provided communication solutions to the Department of Prisons, free of charge. This solution facilitated inmates in prisons across the island, to contact their closest family members during lockdown.

SLT also provided broadband connections to the Department of Prisons, which allowed prisoners to appear in court using Skype technology at Colombo Prison and the Magazine Prison.

Solutions to conduct judicial proceedings unhindered

SLT, enabled the High Courts of Sri Lanka to function as a “virtual courthouse”, by providing a new virtual hearing solution. This paved the way towards an automated judicial system, permitting cases to be heard remotely with the use of Video Conferencing technology and minimising the number of people frequenting courthouses.

Facilitating Government initiatives to contain COVID-19

SLT solutions for the containment, identification and testing of the virus included:

  • AWS Cloud-hosted AI-based Analytic Solution – analysing mobile subscriber data to track infected persons and the movements of potentially infected persons
  • Huawei Cloud-hosted AI-assisted Diagnosis Solution using CT scans – increasing accuracy, reducing time of diagnosis and human involvement
  • Video Collaborative Platform Solution – allowing 10 hospitals and a centralised hospital command centre to collaborate using multi-point video conferencing, helping to manage overall operations and remote professional healthcare assistance
  • Digital Health Services powered by Mobitel – focusing on data security and confidentiality while providing accessibility to essential services for high-risk groups
    • 1999 – Health Promotion Bureau Help Line with automated S/T/E SMS alerts for COVID-19 Info Seekers and Ambulance Services
    • 0710301301 – National Dangerous Drugs Control Board Counselling Hotline for those with drug dependency withdrawal symptoms
    • 25 lines – National Cancer Institute Maharagama clinics
    • 0710301225 – Hotline to Sri Lanka College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for expectant mothers
    • 247/1247 – Sri Lanka Medical Association Hotline for Senior Citizens and General Medical Advice

Sharing timely, credible information at a national level remained crucial for prevention and treatment during the year under review. Some of these sources include:

  • World Health Organization – To share credible information about COVID-19, protective mechanisms and safety measures
  • Health Promotion Bureau – To share local content regarding COVID-19 and offer advisory services to people who are in need

A range of communications solutions pertaining to the containment, identification, and testing of the
COVID-19 virus were provided to hospitals, national operation centres and emergency services institutes that are carrying out essential duties against the COVID-19 pandemic including:

  • Colombo Quarantine Operations Centre
  • National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak

Helping communities through the pandemic

SLT and Mobitel donated dry ration packs comprising basic essentials and other nutritional food items to communities in need, during the pandemic.

Essential food items distributed during COVID-19

Employees in regional SLT offices distributed essential food items to several needy families in their respective divisional secretariats. These families had been unable to provide for their daily needs due to the nationwide pandemic-induced curfew.

The one million masks donation campaign

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and SLT Mobitel together with Manusath Derana carried out SMILE WITHIN: the one million masks donation and awareness campaign that helped to make Sri Lanka a much safer place. The campaign started in Colombo and continued in public places around the country including the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Encouraging staying at home incentives and services

SLT and Mobitel offered free data, concessionary rates, and services to encourage Sri Lankans to stay at home and stay connected. These included,

  • Continuous connectivity
  • Extended facilities door-step/mobile services
  • 750,000 GB free data consumed
  • Free services, concessionary rates

Helping people connect, engage and celebrate life through the power of technology

Uplifting education

The SLT Group identifies education as one of the most important investments that can be made towards the youth, as the future of this Nation. In this regard, SLT and Mobitel in partnership with “Manusath Derana” transformed 25 decommissioned Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) buses into modern and fully equipped libraries. Equipped with WiFi connectivity, these libraries will act as learning centres providing equal opportunities for students and inculcating the crucial habit of reading.

Popularity and encouragement of online education saw and overall rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SLT launched SLT eSiphala, the online teaching platform, and A/L Kuppiya, learning packages to facilitate this increased dependency on online teaching and learning.

The Company also conducted free online computer coding programmes on Sundays, partnering with STEMUP Foundation. The main objective of this initiative was to strengthen computer literacy of school children while most of them remained at home due to the pandemic situation.

SLT continues as ICT partner of Sri Dalada Maligawa

SLT has strengthened its partnership as the official ICT Service Provider of the Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy for the eighth consecutive year. Following a signed agreement SLT provided ICT solutions including broadband services, PEO TV, and voice communication via high speed SLT Fibre technology to the Maligawa free of charge to facilitate the broadcasting and sharing of cultural and religious information with the public, including regarding the Esala Perahara.

SLT illuminates Christmas, spreading joy and cheer

SLT lit up the skies with its Christmas tree, in celebration of the spirit of Christmas. This was part of its continuous efforts to spreading joy and good cheer to the entire Nation during the difficult times.

Celebrating Thaipongal with a school in Jaffna

SLT conducted a special event at Colombuthurai Thuraiyappa Vidyalaya in Jaffna to celebrate Thaipongal. This was one among a series of corporate social responsibility initiatives conducted by the Company to uplift rural schools as well as foster cultural and religious harmony and encourage social cohesion among the different communities in Sri Lanka. Several SLT staff from Colombo and Jaffna attended the function to celebrate the event as one family. Parallel to the event, SLT distributed nutrition packs to the needy villagers, stationery and school books to deserving students and distributed computers and accessories to the school to encourage and support ICT education. A SLT broadband connection with a 12-month rental waive was provided to the school as well.

Supporting City Bus Service

SLT and Mobitel supported Government’s efforts to reduce traffic congestion and promote safe and secure travel in Colombo through the “Park and Ride” city bus service. These buses will be yet another platform for Sri Lankans to experience SLT-MOBITEL’s world class Wi-Fi connectivity services on the go. As the national telecommunication service provider, SLT is committed to supporting Government efforts of taking Sri Lanka towards a knowledge rich society.

Uplifting the rich heritage of Sri Lanka

In its endeavour to bring to the forefront, the value, beauty, reflection, pride, and immortality of the Sri Lankan culture under the theme “Preserving heritage for tommorow”, SLT launched its calendar for 2020 on the theme “Narration of Art”, to re-emphasise the value of art and to project the historical background and different artistic methods to future generations.

Supporting eCommerce

In an effort to uplifting the livelihood of the stakeholders of the agriculture sector in Sri Lanka, SLT supported the operation of the “Helaviru” Digital Economic Centre Online Platform. The Company facilitates to host the platform in its state-of-the-art SLT iDC ensuring reliability and security backed by professional support.

Connecting rural villages and schools

Mobitel paved the way for rural schools to embrace digital leanings and carry out their educational curriculums in a hassle free manner by establishing smart classrooms with internet and digital facilities and providing connectivity to rural villages. Furthemore, Mobitel partnered a key television station to convert decommissioned SLT busses into fully-fledged libraries with internet and other digital facilities.

Bus shelters to rural areas

Through the “Shelter in Our Hands” project, Mobitel installed bus shelters in remote rural areas via upcycling. This project has made travel a stress-free experience for the people in the villages. The project has benefited both the community and the environment.

Environmental initiatives

Green Premier League 2020

SLT and Mobitel joined forces to launch an exemplary green initiative project along with Sri Lankan Premier League (LPL) 2020. Titled “SLT – Mobitel Green Premier League” (GPL), it is a sustainable environmental conservation project. According to the winning score of each team in every match of the LPL, SLT and Mobitel planted an equivalent number of plants as a forest restoration initiative across six hectares of the Rajawaka forest reserve in Kalthota, Balangoda.

By the end of the LPL tournament, 4,000 saplings were planted in the forest reserve. A sustainable maintenance programme with the Forest Department was also implemented in accordance with UN Sustainable Developments Goals. This pioneer project is unparalleled within the context of premier league cricket anywhere in the world.

The Rajawaka Forest reserve has been identified as a rich biodiversity site and also the major water catchment area for the Samanalawewa Reservoir. As the national telecommunications service provider, SLT hopes to inspire sports fans and the youth of the country to undertake their own steps towards environmental conservation and sustainability.

Carbon Footprint Certification

Being the first Sri Lankan telecommunications operator to receive ISO 14064-1:2018 certification, SLT has successfully carried out a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions assessment and been declared a carbon neutral certified organisation thus continuing the certification for another year.

Offering SLT stakeholders’ assurance of the Organisation’s compliance with internationally recognised GHG emission reporting standards and its commitment to society and the environment, the ISO 14064 is a series of international standards developed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to address the quantification and reporting of GHG emissions for organisations.

Responsible eWaste management

Understanding the adverse impact electronic devices have on the planet, SLT and Mobitel together, partnered with the Central Environment Authority (CEA) on a national level eWaste collection drive. Continuing the partnership, SLT and Mobitel supported the CEA to communicate their message to the wider audience by using ATL and BTL mediums. The campaign resulted in collecting 41 MT of eWaste.

Air pollution research in Kandy

Even as air pollution is increasingly becoming an eminent threat to humanity, Mobitel in collaboration with the University of Peradeniya, conducted a research on air pollution in Kandy. Mobitel will be the connectivity partner facilitating data transmission of air pollution monitoring sensors.

Promoting Green concepts

With the aim of reducing its environmental impact, Mobitel embraced the green concept, encouraging its employees, partners and other supply chain partners to think green. The initiatives included reducing paper wastage and converting to energy efficient power sources. The customers were encouraged to switch to eBilling in an effort to reduce paper consumption. Employees were encouraged through an intranet communique to reduce polythene use, eliminate single-use plastic and switch to biodegradable paper bags and cloth bags.

Reforestation drive

In partnership with Thuru, Mobitel lauched a unique digital reforestation drive named “Reforestation through Technology.” The concept creates an ideal balance of both technology and greening, while engaging the larger community to become conscious of the need to reforest Sri Lanka for future generations. This initiative was shortlisted for the “Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action Award” at GSMA Global Mobile Awards 2020.

Future outlook

SLT will continue to empower Sri Lankans by providing innovative and exciting communication solutions and experiences, contributing towards a Digital Sri Lanka. As a socially responsible entity, our commitment towards social and environmental causes remain paramount in our strategic direction, spearheaded by our Board and Management. We will continue to offer support wherever possible in uplifting the lives of the Sri Lankan people, whilst also ensuring the protection and restoration of the natural environment for future generations.

Regulatory Capital

The telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka is governed through stringent regulations and policies by multiple authorities in various aspects including but not limited to the telecommunication systems license regime, service provider license regime, spectrum license regime, media and broadcasting license regime, Interconnection regime, external gateway license regime, vendor license regime, tariff regulations, tax and levy regime, equipment importations regulations, consumer rights, copyright, data protection, cybersecurity, environmental regulations, competition and compliances, quality of services, financial regulations. The respective authorities set directives from time to time to protect consumers and the industry, retain healthy industry competition, servicing unserved and underserved communities and maintain technical standards to ensure compatibility between operators and devices and also aligning and abiding with the global standards declared by international regulatory authorities.

The telecommunication industry is considered as an important infrastructure for a country for economic and social activities which impacts economic growth and lifestyle of the people. Thus, ensuing quality and affordable communication and internet facilities to all have become key considerations for the governments where it is the vehicle for digital economies. Telecommunication industry plays a key role in attaining UN Sustainable Development Goals of the country.

Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) is vested with telecommunication regulatory powers by Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act No. 25 of 1991 as amended by the Act No. 27 of 1996. TRCSL regulates the extensive scope of the entire industry including licensing framework, spectrum management, technology regulations, price regulations, asset management, competition, consumer rights, security assurance with data protection, privacy and cybersecurity, charging systems and quality of services which all are paramount important of the telecommunications industry in Sri Lanka. There are a few other government institutions which construe direct influential regulatory authorisation in the telecommunication industry namely the Board of Investments, Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Mass Media, Ministry of Finance, Right to Information Commission, Consumer Affairs Authority, Central Environmental Authority, Customs of Sri Lanka, and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Regulatory licensing

SLT Group has been granted the licenses to operate telecommunication systems as defined in the licenses by TRCSL to provide Island-wide services which include but not limited to fixed wired, fixed wireless, mobile, international, satellite, internet services, data services, carrier grade Wi-Fi, 4G LTE networks, point to point, microwave and other radio networks. More importantly SLT was awarded with the license as the National Backbone Network (NBN) Service Provider in Sri Lanka as per the Cabinet Approved Policy for the NBN. Under this license, SLT functions as the NBN operator, delivering NBN services of fibre access networks and international capacities via the Company’s advanced fibre optic based nation-wide communication backbone. Further, SLT is aggressively rolling out FTTH PON networks as well as international cable networks.

Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd. is a fully-owned subsidiary of SLT that has licenses issued by TRCSL for Mobile Network Operations Island-wide including providing of mobile telecommunication services, indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi, and several licenses related to spectrum for 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. Mobitel also holds an external gateway operator license and a vendor license. On top, Mobitel carries a license from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for mobile money operations.

SLT Group was allocated with spectrum in bands of 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2600 MHz for voice, data and broadband services, operates island-wide with mobile and fixed wireless networks. CDMA operations has been shut down recently due to technology obsolesce.

SLT is the pioneer IPTV license holder in Sri Lanka, Licensed by Ministry of Mass Media for establishing the IPTV operations. Further, SLT has been granted Direct To Home satellite license for PayTV operations island-wide using satellite technology. Vendor license is also issued to SLT for telecommunication related equipment dealings.

Regulatory assets
of SLT

In lieu with regulatory permissions, SLT Group has built extensive networks rightfully up to the premises of its customers which are operated with high quality, least disturbances, and interruptions

  • Island-wide fibre optic high-speed backbone network with more than 50,000 km in cable lengths
  • Island-wide copper and FTTX access network with high-speed access network capability
  • Island-wide 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi networks in both fixed, wireless, and mobile space with radio spectrum for frequencies.
  • Five international submarine cable systems connecting with state-of-the-art technologies and lowest latencies with many parts of the world
  • IPTV content broadcasting/multicasting/unicasting infrastructure, content rights and content library
  • Mobile money mCash operations and technologies
  • Modern technologies and platforms of IP and digital capabilities with enhanced security firewalls including but not limited to tier IV ready data centres, multi-cloud platforms.
  • Extensive island-wide passive telecommunications infrastructure including but not limited to telecommunications towers, poles, and ducts of both fixed and mobile operations.
  • Brand names and goodwill as a public enterprise in Sri Lanka by owning majority government shares.

Key roles in Regulatory Affairs Arm aimed to ensure

  • Necessary license instruments for business operations from the regulatory authorities as enacted by law to continue its business operations with growth momentum.
  • Necessary spectrum allocations for the deployment of mobile and wireless technologies including 4G operation, 4.5G and 5G operations.
  • Active presence in processes where revisiting, making and amending policies, directives, regulations and acts related to the telecommunication industry, protection of rights of organisation against anti-competitive practices or unlawful activities in industry by making regulatory and judiciary complaints of such unlawful acts.
  • Yielding support to the regulatory in devising new proposals in relation to the national requirement
  • Necessary approvals for business operations and investment protections
  • Regulatory and legal compliances including but not limited to consumer rights, data protections, intellectual rights, quality of services, National security obligations.