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Shaping the digital landscape

Group chief executive officer’s message

SLT Group plays a vital role in enabling the Government’s vision of a “Digitally Inclusive and Prosperous Sri Lanka”, which is citizen-centric, promoting IT entrepreneurship and establishing Sri Lanka as a global innovation hub.

Today, communication networks underpin every facet of society. The way people live and work is rapidly transforming with the rising smartphone penetration, ubiquitous superfast internet access, new technologies and the increasingly converged solutions. The breadth and depth of customers’ access to content which was inconceivable even a decade ago has brought about a revolution in the way people share, learn and access education, healthcare and financial services. Even as digitalisation is a key operational theme for the telecoms industry to simplify and automate operational processes and proactively offer personalised solutions to customers, SLT Group is in a unique position to enhance customers’ experience, generate incremental revenue opportunities, and reduce costs by using advanced digital technologies.

The demand for converged bundles, which are a combination of mobile, voice, broadband and TV services, has been increasing. To provide the benefit of simplicity of one provider with multiple services, and deliver a better value to the customer, SLT Group embarked on creating group synergy by presenting a single front to the customer through the brand unification of SLT and Mobitel. The rationalising of operations and sharing of services results in increased customer loyalty, improved customer retention and operational efficiencies for the SLT Group. Leveraging the synergies between its subsidiaries by revamping the marketing focus by building a group branding vision and mission helps to increase market revenue and realise economies of scale for the Group.

The remit of regulators is extensive, including service provider and spectrum licensing, tariff and economic regulations, wholesale connectivity service provisioning, retaining healthy industry competitions, servicing underserved communities, cybersecurity and data protection. SLT Group has established constructive relationship with the Regulator (TRC) in order to advance the industry, moving away from the traditional top down approach. Creating healthy working relationships with major Telcos have facilitated the industry as a whole to meet the national and customer requirements effectively, elevating customer experience to a new height.

With a dedicated team of nearly 10,000 employees including over 600 qualified engineers, SLT Group has an unrivalled technical competency and an unmatched competitive advantage. Harnessing the skills and technical competencies of the staff have significantly reduced the cost of implementing and servicing internal digital network platforms, which has positively impacted the Group’s bottom line. SLT Group plays a vital role in enabling the Government’s vision of a “Digitally Inclusive and Prosperous Sri Lanka”, which is citizen-centric, promoting IT entrepreneurship and establishing Sri Lanka as a global innovation hub. Realising this vision requires transformation of all essential services, which irrevocably require communication to ensure the smooth functionality of operations.

SLT Group has established service coverage across the dimensions of land, sea, and air. The Group serves an important function with the underground fibre optic network running 60,000 kilometres with the capacity to connect one million premises and provide coverage to essential services, and enterprises across the Nation. Through the industry vertical applications such as hospitality, education, healthcare, and agriculture, SLT Group offers network infrastructure connectivity with the hosting environment developed through Tier III Data Centres and Cloud. SLT Group has already connected government establishments into a single unified network through the fibre optic cable network, under the LGN project. Establishing its excellence beyond the Sri Lanka, SLT Group is positioned as a key global player through the SEA-ME-WE international submarine cable consortium, which connects Sri Lanka to the world.

SLT Group’s leading scale enables to sustain its investments in superior gigabit infrastructure, deliver an excellent customer experience, which both benefits society and drives revenue growth of the Group. Together with the substantial opportunities in the local and global arena to improve all aspects of the business model through digitalisation and leveraging synergies between its subsidiary companies, SLT Group is geared to enable Sri Lanka to realise the benefits of digitalised Nation.


Lalith Seneviratne
Group Chief Executive Officer

9 March 2021