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CLI/SMS Telephones

SKU Title Price
Prolink - 52C CLI Phone Prolink - 52C CLI Phone Rs.2,780
Prolink - HCD-130 CLI Phone Prolink - HCD-130 CLI Phone Rs.2,955
AS 7411 Uniden AS7411 CLI Telephone Rs.4,645
AS 6404 Uniden AS 6404 CLI Telephone Rs.2,785
AS 7413 Uniden AS 7413 CLI Telephone Rs.2,835
Uniden AS7412 AS 7412 Uniden AS 7412 CLI Telephone Rs.3,600
HCD-303 Prolink HCD303 CLI Telephone Rs.3,065
Prolink SP975 Prolink SP975 Answering Unit Rs.3,685
Uniden-A6408 Uniden AT6408 Telephone Rs.2,855
Uniden-A6410 Uniden AT6410 Telephone Rs.4,090


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