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SLT-ACCA HighQ - Broadening the Horizon of Knowledge (2006)

SLT- ACCA HighQ, Sri Lanka's Premier Quiz Programme generates a lot of interest and excitement not only among the participants but also among the general public. The programme was conducted by Sri Lanka Telecom in association with ACCA. The quiz programme which is one of the few local TV programmes recommended for viewing by the whole family encompasses education, knowledge and entertainment.

The 62 students, participating in the Challenge Level of the quiz, have qualified to do so as the highest scorers of the initial written test which was offered to all eligible applicants. The winners of each round will automatically qualify for the Semi-Final Level. The quiz programme consists of 12 Challenge Level rounds, 2 Semi-Finals and the grand Final making a total of 15 programmes. The 12 students who qualify for the Semi-Final Level receive a National Savings Bank pass book with a deposit of Rs. 25,000 which is jointly gifted by Sri Lanka Telecom and ACCA. The runners-up of the Semi-Final also receive  prize money of Rs. 25,000 while the winners of this round receive Rs. 50,000. The Finals would see the runner-up receiving Rs. 100,000 and the Champion receiving the Grand Prize Money of Rs. 200,000 as well as the SLT-ACCA HighQ Trophy.

The Quiz has been divided into 4 categories. The first category Window on the World: is based on what has been happening in our country and the world during the past few weeks. Frontiers of Knowledge: is where science, technology and engineering related topics are covered. The third category Heritage as is suggested by the name covers natural and cultural heritage and humanity's exploration and understanding of both, while the final category Human Endeavours: concentrates on a range of pursuits from performing arts and literature to commerce and sports. It is also an interesting mix of local and international topics. All questions were prepared in strict confidence with absolute fair play guaranteed.

Popularity of the programme and the vacuum it filled was indicated by the viewership ratings it received of SRL 6.5 on Rupavahini channel. This rating is considered a great achievement for an inaugural series and a progarmme of this nature.

Popularity of the programme and the vacuum it filled was indicated by the viewership ratings it received.

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