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SLT Invests in ICoRN Lab University of Peradeniya

In a futuristic step, SLT set up the innovative Information and Communication Research Network (ICoRN) Laboratory at the University of Peradeniya in February 2007.

A key objective of this initiative was to build a strong relationship between the university network and the industry thus creating synergies for the benefit of many.
The broad vision for this project is to provide a platform for researchers from a wide variety of disciplines to come together to engage in research and development activities.

This step is also in consonance with our own views of the importance of creating a network, which will help to enhance ICT research and development in Sri Lanka, thereby opening up a number of avenues for global socio-economic development.
The key here is to address the growing need for innovation and development in ICT to match rising world expectations. Rapid development of technology and industry can exert pressure on our graduates to meet the growing demands of the corporate sector - demands which they could find difficult to meet, due to lack of exposure. The new Lab provides answers to these and like questions.

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